Bravo BST 800 BAT Kite Super Turbo Electric Kite Pump Upgraded BST12 Kite Model

Bravo BST 800 BAT Kite Super Turbo Electric Kite Pump Upgraded BST12 Kite Model

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New, Bravo BST 800 BAT Kite Electric Kite Pump - (Upgraded Replacement to BST-12 Kite Pump Model) 

Ultra Heavy Duty 2-Stage Electric Kite Pump - with rechargeable battery for ultimate portability.

Effortless Speedy Automatic 2-Stage Inflation for inflatable Kitesurfing Kites, and most common inflatable items, toys, boats, rafts, etc.

Revolutionary 2-Stage Design utilizes a high volume high flow Turbine 1st Stage for mass volume inflation of larger kites / items - then automatically switches to 2nd High Pressure Low Volume Dual Piston Stage for high pressure top off up to 11.6 psi (800bar) 

New Bravo BST-800 BAT K Electric Kite Pump upgraded Replacement Version to the BST-12 Kite Pump - New Improved components / design offers increased reliability and improved efficiency in power delivery.


New Bravo BST 800 BAT K Super Turbo Electric Kite Pump 

*Latest Model, Improved Design/Components (Upgrade Replacement Model to BST-12 KITE).

**Carry Bag Style & Color May Vary Slightly from pics
**Charger Model / Style May Vary from pics 
**Inflation Hose Type & Color May Vary from pics

Super high quality new and improved electric/auto Kite pump - Quality Made in Italy by Scoprega which specializes in a wide array of performance pumps.

One of the key unique factors to this pump is it's ability to automatically fill a kite to any set pressure up to 11.6psi (800mbar) -this is done with a patented two stage system, where stage one quickly fills volume via turbine/fan, and stage two finishes to precision higher pressure via piston pump, then automatically shuts down when pressure is achieved..   

Completely rechargeable via 12V auto cigarette lighter or optional 120V AC wall adapter (included) -single charge lasts 15-20 minutes allowing for the filling of well over 6-12 kites depending on size..   

No need for elaborate high pressure tanks, valves, cords, power supplies, etc.. This pump does it all in one handy super portable package, well designed and reliable, offering effort free kite filling -perfect for those with back issues, injuries, and/or just looking to save energy for kiting and having the latest "gadget" to make life easier.   

WindBone BST 800 BAT-K Electric Kite Pump Package Comes Complete With: 
    • BST800BATK Super Turbo Electric Kite Pump    
    • 12V Sealed Gel Rechargeable Battery  
    • Padded Carry Case w/ Shoulder Strap & Storage Pocket  
    • Heavy Duty Hose + Std Fittings for range of valve sizes  
    • 12V Auto Cigarette Lighter Charger  
    • Instructions & Manufacturers Warranty Card  
    • + 120VAC USA Compatible Charger Optional Accessory Included
    • Charger also compatible with 240VAC EU Supply
    • + Secondary Sand Filter Bag Accessory Included
    • Bonus WindBone Kiteboarding Coupon Codes 
    • Plus FREE "WindBone Goodie Bag" -Includes random/mixed WBK items such as Key Chain, Decal, etc.
    • Ready-To-Inflate & Ride
**Carry Bag Style & Color May Vary from pics
**Charger Model / Style May Vary from pics 
**Inflation Hose Type & Color May Vary from pics

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Manufacturer Detail : 

 has designed specific versions of their well-known electric pumps for the kite market, evolving from the BST-12 Kite to the new and updated BST800. It is now possible to inflate in minutes all kites directly on the beach thanks to these electric kite pumps equipped with rechargeable batteries. 

Upgraded BST800 Kite Model offers improved internal component design / materials allowing for improved reliability, and modified design / elec for improved power consumption and increased efficiency in power delivery.  

    • The pressure can be regulated and the inflator halts automatically when the selected pressure has been reached.
    • Equipped with rechargeable battery of 7.5 Ah that guarantee an autonomy of 15/20 minutes when fully charged.
    • Cable for connecting to vehicle by means of cigarette lighter that makes it possible to recharge the battery.
    • Tube complete with std tapered cone couplings for std valves.
    • Carry bag with shoulder strap that also holds all the accessories.
    • Battery recharge with car in function 4-5 hours.
    • Battery recharge from the wall plug 8-12 hours.

**Carry Bag Color / Style May Vary from pics

**Charger Model / Style May Vary from pics 
**Inflation Hose Type / Color May Vary from pics 


Bravo BST 800 BAT Kite Pump Specs

Voltage / Power: 
12 V DC / 13A 
+Optional 120VAC Wall Charger Included 

Turbine - 450 l/min 
Piston   -150 l/min 

up to 11.6 psi (800 mbar) 

Bravo BST-800 BAT Kite Pump Pics: 

Bravo BST800KITE Electric Kite Package Bundle 


**Carry Bag, Inflation Hose, Charger, and Fittings may slightly vary in style / color from pics

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