De-Power Sheetable Trainer Kites

DePower Sheetable Trainer Kites - Trainer Kites typically with 4-Lines and a chicken loop at end of center lines (to attach to a harness), this depower trainer kite configuration simulates the ability to depower and sheet trainer kite by moving control bar up and down along center line while hooked into harness (this changes the 'angle of attack' of kite to wind and acts like a 'throttle' to regulate power kite produces), the very same control inputs that will be used with full sized kiteboarding and kitesurfing kites. Best training and learning experience and easier faster transition to full sized depower kite as sheeting control can be practiced and mastered. Better safety function performance with larger wind range capable due to depower sheetable functionality. (harness required)
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Peter Lynn Lynx V4 DePower Foil Kite Snowkiting + Bonus
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Peter Lynn Lynx V3 DePower Foil Kite Snowkiting (Closeout)
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Peter Lynn Kite Ground Stake Anchor in Sheath Case
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