HQ HQ4 Montana X Performance Depower Foil Power Kite Snowkiting + Bonus
HQ HQ4 Montana X Performance Depower Foil Power Kite Snowkiting + Bonus

HQ HQ4 Montana X Performance Depower Foil Power Kite Snowkiting + Bonus

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New HQ HQ4 Montana X Performance De-Power Foil Power Kite Model from HQ HQ4 Power Kites

HQ4 Montana X Top Level Snowkite Performance Depower Traction Power Kite for SnowkitingKiteboarding, Landboarding, ATB Mountainboarding, Kite Buggy, Jumping and/or Power Kiting

Ultra High Quality Performance De-Power 4 Line Power Traction Kite Kit. The HQ HQ4 Montana X Depower Foil Power Kite -performance driven, intermediate to advanced power kite for traction kite sports, snowkiting, landboarding, buggy, jumping, and/or general power kite sports.

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New revolutionary offering in a full depower top performance snowkite traction power kite - The HQ HQ4 Montana X Performance Depower 4-Line Power Foil Traction Kite.

WindBone Kite Surf Paddle & Hobby is an actual Kite, Kiteboarding, SUP, & Hobby Shop based in NJ. Our Riders have first hand knowledge on the HQ4 Montana Depower Foil Power Kites and we are an Authorized HQ / HQ4 Dealer Shop. This means that you are guaranteed to receive your item in OEM factory authorized authentic condition with full factory warranty support where applicable, always worry free, plus you are purchasing from a real shop with actual expertise on HQ / HQ4 Kites, Gear, and Accessories - plus ready to help with any questions or support.

Authorized HQ / HQ4 Power Kites Dealer Shop - Extensive Kite Model & Size Selections Available from HQ / HQ4 and other top brands. No Games with the WindBone, Just the Best Pricing & Service You'll Find.. (Package Discounts / Deals Always Available -let us know what gear you need and we'll put together a package that can't be beat.. Specializing in HQ / HQ4 Power Kites, Gear, and Accessories and other top brands - Contact Us for Latest Stock Options and Deals.

HQ / HQ4 Power Kites offer ultra premium top quality materials and construction resulting in unsurpassed performance and durability (quality/durability you will not find in a low cost foil kite "knock offs") -The HQ4 Montana X Performance 4-Line Depower Power Foil Traction Kite is a top performing medium - high aspect performance power foil kite, offering a truly amazing, fun, versatile, and power packed performance kite kit.

HQ4 Montana X Depower Performance Snow Kite

The HQ HQ4 Montana X
 - Top Level Performance Snow Kite, Depower Foil Power Kite.

The HQ4 Montana X is HQ4's ultimate tool designed for pilots looking for a high-performance kite to explore snow country mountains. HQ4 developed the HQ4 Montana X to be a kite with enough power even in light wind conditions, and ample power in loops, so it can pull riders up the steepest slopes and still be stable on the downhill ride.

Limitless performance, paired with extreme control is what the HQ4 Montana Snow Kite is all about. As when riding in the mountains, kiters are always on the edge. This is where stability and depower was a top focus during the design process. Making the HQ4 Montana stable, direct, fast - and simply awesome.

The HQ4 Montana was designed for all of you freeriders and freestylers out there, so you can really get rocking. Feel the punch when you turn the bar, when the kite is lifting you up and get hang time that lasts forever. All of this is combined in the HQ4 Montana, and HQ4 has created the ultimate Snow Kite in the Montana that has it all - designed to make every one of your sessions even better.

HQ HQ4 Montana X Depower Performance Foil Snow Kite Features:
  • Increased cell number for higher performance
  • Extremely stable in flight
  • Smooth power delivery in loops
  • Optimized for light winds
  • Extremely stable flight characteristics
  • Ultra Heavy Duty Materials & Workmanship
  • Legendary stability and performance
  • Reduced Bridle / bridling for minimum drag and less tangles
  • Roomy, Stylish Kite Back Pack Bag
  • Wide wind range
  • No wear & tear causing fibers or sticks required to keep kite shape.
  • Double stitched bridle points -reliable strong connection points
  • Stitched Dynacore bridle loops -ultra strong and durable connection
  • Extremely durable, high quality Ripstop nylon canopy for best possible performance.  
  • Designed for use with the HQ4 One Bar Control Bar Set
  • Also Compatible with std even 4-Line Depower Control Bars
** Control Bar & Flying Lines Not Included in Kite Only Configuration - Select kite only or kite complete options above

With the Montana, HQ / HQ4 Has developed the perfect performance kite for the snow backcountry. Maximum control, high stability, loads of on demand power, agility for loops, and sufficient depower performance makes the HQ4 Montana the perfect depower foil power kite that wil ltake your session to the next leve.

HQ4 Montana Shape:
The new Montana shape strikes a perfect balance between stability and performance. The air vents are designed for optimal airflow around the leading edge in all flight conditions and for keeping the internal pressure always at a maximum. The broad wing tips are perfectly made for good power transfer, helping the kite to accelerate quickly.

HQ4 Montana Performance:
Fast, with direct feedback and a strong pull – this is what the Montana is all about. A kite excelling with a strong lift that is always at hand. The slightly higher number of cells greatly increases hangtime even more. It is this availability of power in all situations that makes the Montana extremely well-balanced and offers ambitious riders exactly what they need.

HQ4 Montana Bridle:
To make a bridle low-maintenance, all you need is good quality. For years we have employed materials from paragliding and used a mix of pre-stretched Dyneema. Line strength and diameter are finely tuned for lower air resistance. The mixer system comes with extremely durable Ronstan pulleys.

HQ4 Montana Materials:
HQ4 utilizes the tried and tested 30D sail cloth. It’s robust as well as lightweight and gives your kite a long life. To make the Montana crash-resistant we have manufactured the profiles with a slightly thicker cloth. Particularly in loops or higher flight levels the stress on the material increases drastically. Dacron reinforcements on the bridle attachments offer the

HQ4 Montana 8M Specifications:

HQ4 Montana Kite 8M Red
Kite Size: 8M 
Kite Span: 645 cm
Kite Height: 149 cm
Kite AR: 5.2
Wind Range: 10-30knts
Canopy Sail Material: 20D + 30D RipStop Nylon
Color: Red
Optional Rec Control System: HQ One Bar 55cm Control Bar & Lines Set
* Control Bar / Lines can be selected from options above

HQ4 Montana 10M Specifications:

HQ4 Montana Kite 10M Lime Green
Kite Size: 10M 
Kite Span: 725 cm
Kite Height: 158 cm
Kite AR: 5.26
Wind Range: 8-25knts
Canopy Sail Material: 20D + 30D RipStop Nylon
Color: Lime Green
Optional Rec Control System: HQ One Bar 55cm Control Bar & Lines Set
* Control Bar / Lines can be selected from options above

HQ4 Montana 12M Specifications:

HQ4 Montana Kite 12M  Color Light Blue
Kite Size: 12M 
Kite Span: 805 cm
Kite Height: 173 cm
Kite AR: 5.40
Wind Range: 6-20knts
Canopy Sail Material: 20D + 30D RipStop Nylon
Color: Light Blue
Optional Rec Control System: HQ One Bar 55cm Control Bar & Lines Set
* Control Bar / Lines can be selected from options above

HQ4 Montana 14M Specifications:

HQ4 Montana Kite 14M  Color Lilac Purple
Kite Size: 14M 
Kite Span: 874 cm
Kite Height: 187 cm
Kite AR: 5.46
Wind Range: 4-15knts
Canopy Sail Material: 20D + 30D RipStop Nylon
Color: Lilac Purple
Optional Rec Control System: HQ One Bar 55cm Control Bar & Lines Set
* Control Bar / Lines can be selected from options above

HQ HQ4 Montana Kite Package Configuration Options:

HQ4 Montana Kite Only - Kite & Bridle Only + Bag + Manual (no flying lines or control bar included)

HQ4 Montana Kite Complete - adds HQ4 One Depower 4-Line Control Bar and 4-Line Dyneema Flying Line Set *(Safety Leash Not Included)

HQ4 One Control Bar (Optional)(select from drop down options above)


(Optional) HQ4 One Depower Kite Control Bar - The new HQ4 One Bar 2.0 is the result of creative thinking by HQ's development team and valuable input from our customers – many small changes mean a considerable step forward. This latest version of the One Bar is even lighter, more versatile and more straightforward than ever before.

The new HQ4 One Bar is a true universal took - the design enables pilots to fly all HQ4 Depower Kites with the same bar (HQ4 depower foil or HQ4 Depower Inflatable Tube Kites), as well as any modern depower power kite with standard even 4-line configuration.

The new HQ4 One Bar 2.0 is available in lengths of 49 and 55 cm, and each comes with 24 m pre-stretched Dyneema lines.

In combination with an optionally available safety leash, the new HQ4 One bar 2.0 is the perfect cockpit for your kite.

HQ4's new One Bar includes top performance features like a Single-Front-Line Safety, easy depower adjustments and a self-untwisting ceramic swivel are only some of the innovations of the new HQ4 One Bar - fully adapted riders' needs. HQ's new bar system clearly exemplifies the focus of HQ4 on progressive design elements, precisely optimized handling and detailed attention to quality and safety.

The contoured ergonomic EVA grip offers long lasting comfort and excellent hold in every situation. The bar ends come with an integrated floater so that in connection with the coated backlines you won't get stuck during the water start. The stopper ball helps to relaunch the kite. A high quality clam cleat for ease of use and infinite adjustment within its range offers a perfect adaption to the rider and the wind conditions. Thanks to the front line safety the kite will release all its power, and gently drift with the leading edge facing down until it smoothly lands on the water or land. The kite will stay in this position until you are ready to restart it.


HQ4 One Bar Features:

  • Soft Bar Ends with integrated Line Keepers for more comfort and secured lines when winded up.
  • Covered Back Lines To protect the lines from damage and avoid tangles after hard crashes.
  • Adjustable Relaunch Balls For easy and safe relaunch.
  • Self-untwisting Center Line Swivel
  • Rust-free, super light self-untwisting Swivel keeps the center lines untwisted while doing rotations or kiteloops.
  • Adjustable Bar Stopper To adjust the depower way to arm length.
  • Adjustable Clam cleat to adjust the depower way to the size of the rider and the wind conditions.
  • Quick release Simple and intuitive release combined with easy reassembly offers a maximum of safety.
  • Dyneema Lines - High quality pre-stretched Dyneema lines with almost no elongation for a super direct feel. Sleeved and stitched ends with a maximum load of 300 kg.

HQ4 Montana Performance De-Power Snow Kite


HQ4 Montana 12M Snowkiting Ride pic

HQ4 Montana KiteLoop Snowboard Jump

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HQ4 Montana Depower Foil Power Kite from WindBone Kite Surf Paddle & Hobby
your Peter Lynn Power Kite Specialists.
WindBone Kite Surf Paddle & Hobby is an Authorized HQ HQ4 USA Dealer Shop.

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