Closeout 2022 Mystic Driver Seat Harness Kitesurfing Kiteboarding Kite Seat Harness + Bonus
Closeout 2022 Mystic Driver Seat Harness Kitesurfing Kiteboarding Kite Seat Harness + Bonus

Closeout 2022 Mystic Driver Seat Harness Kitesurfing Kiteboarding Kite Seat Harness + Bonus

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New, 2022 Mystic Driver Kite Seat Harness - Unmatched Fit, Performance, Support, Comfort, & Reliability in a Kite Seat Harness from Mystic Kiteboarding.

Closeout Sale - 2022 Mystic Driver Kite Seat Harness Closeout Sale - Prior Version Mystic Driver Seat Harness with Banana-Bar Spreader model version.

Mystic Driver Seat Harness Comes Complete with Bananabar Spreader Bar Hook 3.0 + Plus Includes Free Bonus: Double Blade SS Hook Knife *(Hook Knife not normally included with Mystic Driver Seat Harness).

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+ WBK Discount Coupons & Swag Decals, Key Chain, Koozie, etc.

Mystic Kiteboarding has pretty much invented the modern day kitesurfing harness through it's years of cutting edge design and unmatched quality, durability, and reliability.

Mystic Driver Kite Seat Harness - Unequaled Seat Support coupled with Mystic Kiteboarding's Legendary Strength, Fit, Performance, Reliability, Comfort, and Bomber Construction - By utilizing many years of harness design and manufacturing expertise, cutting edge technologies, materials, and precision build / assembly, Mystic was able to create, evolve, and improve upon the modern day harness. Through years of design expertise Mystic is prod to offer the all new Mystic Driver Kite Seat Harness.

The 2022 Mystic Driver Kite Seat Harness excels in all kiteboarding and kitesurfing disciplines. whether looking for the perfect dedicated seat kiting harness or looking for extra back support and comfort, the Mystic Driver Kite Seat Harness is the go to choice.

2022 Mystic Driver Kite Seat Harness Features:
Ergonomically shaped
- Comfortable foam panels
- Soft neoprene edges
- Pre-curved side panels
- Multi hook | banana clickerbar 3.0 | 4 point fixation
- Spreaderbar protector
- Battle belt waist closure
- Heavy duty seat part
- Comfortable leg straps
- Single power leash ring

2022 Mystic Driver Kite Seat Harness Pics:



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Mystic Driver Kite Seat Harness from WindBone Kite Surf Paddle & Hobby
your Mystic Kiteboarding Gear Specialists.
WindBone Kite Surf Paddle & Hobby is an Authorized Mystic Kiteboarding Dealer Shop.

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