2023 Ocean Rodeo Flite A-Series 3S ALUULA Ultralight Light Wind Kitesurfing Kite + Bonus Free Harness
2023 Ocean Rodeo Flite A-Series 3S ALUULA Ultralight Light Wind Kitesurfing Kite + Bonus Free Harness

2023 Ocean Rodeo Flite A-Series 3S ALUULA Ultralight Light Wind Kitesurfing Kite + Bonus Free Harness

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2023 Ocean Rodeo Flite A-Series ALUUA Kitesurfing Kite - the one and only Light Wind Machine continues to evolve with the amazing full ALUUA airframe Ocean Rodeo Flite A-Series. Simply unreal light wind performance, power, speed, and functionality.

The new Ocean Rodeo Flite ALUUA A-Series 3S sets the standard in light wind performance, nothing comes close.

The Ocean Rodeo Flite ALUUA 3S A-Series Flite is a 3-strut kite that is highly responsive yet considerable lighter than current no-strut kites, providing optimum light wind performance, while retaining precision and control in increased wind speeds.

The extreme ultra light weight properties of the Ocean Rodeo Flite ALUUA A-Series, combined with the stiff yet reactive ALUULA airframe technology, means larger kites become supercharged, allowing performance levels to increase exponentially.

To further build on the enhancements provided by ALUULA, Ocean Rodeo has fine-tuned all light wind manufacturing techniques and components, with the Flite Ultra Lite canopy using proven D2 double ripstop from Teijin. Incredibly responsive, the Ocean Rodeo Flite A-Series ALUUA excels in all riding styles and with whichever board you are riding.

The days of light wind compromise are over. The Ocean Rodeo Flite A-Series ALUUA is the world’s lightest, strongest, and highest performing light wind kite - with no comparison, period.

Try the 2023 Ocean Rodeo Flite A-Series ALUUA before you buy it -and become a believer. Local Ocean Rodeo Demos Available (subject to availability). 

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Ocean Rodeo Flite A-Series ALUUA Logo

2023 Ocean Rodeo Flite A-Series ALUUA - Ultralight, Power, Stability, Responsive Speed, Comfort, and Reliability - Amazing Light Wind Riding Experience, No Compromise.. 

The Ocean Rodeo Flite Series has developed a reputation as simply being the the best in Light Wind Performance Kiting - and continues to just get better over the years - with ALUUA taking things to an unimaginable level, now lauded as the most cutting-edge kites in the sport .

With a full ALUUA Airframe the Ocean Rodeo Flite A-Series simply offers no compromise in light wind performance. It’s no secret that removing struts from kites means a compromise in performance – the reduction in weight improves light wind capabilities but the downside is reduced stability and poor top-end performance with most all light wind kites produced today - all except the Ocean Rodeo Flite A-Series ALUUA . With a full ALUULA airframe there is simply no need to compromise.

Ocean Rodeo FLite Full ALUUA Airframe Detail
The reduction in weight and increase in strength of the Ocean Rodeo Flite A-Series ALUUA airframe means you can retain all three struts and still enjoy the light wind benefits you’d get from a no-strut or one-strut kite, as well as the expansive usable wind range that comes with having a three-strut kite. The evenly balanced weight distribution of the three struts and the light leading edge deliver remarkable resistance to back stall and luffing if you overshoot the kite or find yourself in a lull.

Precision curved to match the airfoil profile, the Ocean Rodeo Flite A-Series ALUUA airframe is highly tuned to take full advantage of the unique properties of this cutting-edge composite material which is sewn using super-tough Quad Lock stitching, designed specifically for ALUULA.

Simply put: the ALUULA three-strut airframe delivers the best handling in ALL conditions.

2023 Ocean Rodeo Flite A-Series ALUUA Feature Overview

- Revolutionary ALUUA Composite Material - ultra-light and ultra-strong full ALUULA airframe, makes the Ocean Rodeo Flite A-Series the most cutting-edge light wind kites in the sport. Lighter, stronger, with higher performance levels and a bigger wind range than standard kites, the A-Series ALUUA kites have set the new standard in high-end kiteboarding. Compared to standard Dacron used in kites today, ALUUA is less than half the weight of traditional Dacron, with ALUUA offering 50% more tensile strength (pull force), 15 times stronger (tear force), and 70% stronger than Dacron after an 800hr UV exposure lab test.

Full ALUUA Leading Edge - Made entirely of ALUULA Vaepor™ (82 gsm) composite, the Ocean Rodeo Flite A-Series ALUUA airframe is the lightest, strongest and most responsive on the market. With six times the tensile strength of a Dacron leading edge, the all-ALUULA leading edge stiffens and lightens the entire kite, providing the most refined handling and performance in all conditions. The leading edge can be tuned to higher inflation pressures than is possible with Dacron to allow further stiffness to the airframe.

Ridge Lock Seams - This innovative seam technology is designed specifically for ALUULA. The ridge moves the stress of the stitch holes and threads to the anti compression ridge. Strategically located to add additional stability to the leading edge, the Ridge Seam helps stabilize the kites arc in gusty and high wind conditions. 

Hex Lock Seams - Another unique seam from the ALUULA design team. Hex Lock resists torque and pressures far beyond existing seam techniques, and it has been designed specifically for ALUULA composite materials. Hex Lock is used exclusively on leading edge and strut segment seams.

ALUUA Precision Curved Struts - The precision curved struts of the Ocean Rodeo Flite A-Series ALUUA are composed entirely out of the ultra light, ultra strong, UV stable and virtually un-rippable ALUULA composite material; The A-Series’ struts offer more rigidity and control, while also significantly reducing their weight and increasing performance capability.

Quad Lock Seams - Used specifically on the shaping seams of struts, Quad Lock delivers more strength than a standard strut seam construct, and was another innovation specifically tailored for the ALUULA airframe kites. These unique and innovative seams allow for the airframe to be inflated to a higher PSI than traditional kites.

- Refined Shape - Creating a light wind performance kite is no easy task. The Ocean Rodeo Flite A-Series contains a wide arc and large projected area to produce as much power per square meter as possible. In addition, the Flite features a high aspect ratio which produces greater lift while generating less drag, resulting in a kite that lifts you windward. 

- Enhanced Wing Tips - Inspired by the Rise, The Ocean Rodeo Flite A-Series wing tips have been completely redesigned. This new shape provides even more lift and control when the kite is positioned low and at the edge of the wind window.

- Refined Bridle System - Highly refined, the compact two pulley bridle is designed for arc stability and no snagging, while at the same time providing direct drive steering and a massive sheeting range. The Bridle of the Ocean Rodeo Flite A-Series ALUUA is compatible with all bars that feature a single front line flag out emergency de-power system. Industry standard larks head on LE bridle to front flying line knot or bead. Back lines larks head to bead or knot on kites back line leader. Bridle is designed to accept bars fitted with lines at equal length when set at pull power. Features ultra strong, low diameter, stretch resistant line for reduced drag and increased response. All of the the A-Series kites use a combination of Liros DC Pro 301 and 401 lines. These new lines are not only lighter than previous generations, they are also stronger and offer less drag. The main bridle knot now features a lightweight float cover which ensures there are no tangles and keeps the bridle floating, while supporting the weight of the pulley.

ALUUA Reinforced Canopy - The canopy's reinforcements, overlays and anti-flutter strips now benefit from ALUULA’s remarkable strength to weight ratio and it's superior abrasion resistance compared to Dacron and other much heavier abrasion solutions.

Teijin Technoforce D2 Ripstop Canopy - Designed specifically for the kiteboarding market, Teijin’s Technoforce D2 ripstop has high tear resistance, low stretch, and is incredibly lightweight. Each strand of yarn is individually coated before being woven together. A second surface coating is then applied to the material, providing long term endurance. Teijin D2 is the benchmark in quality with proven superiority in durability and dynamics.

Speed One Pump Inflation  System - Ocean Rodeo's ultra clean inflation system is designed for reliable operation of single point inflation. Valves are strategically located to stay clear of the canopy, negating the need for valve covers or other chafing solutions. Other refinements include the omission of zippers on the leading edge. These zippers are used only for kite bladder changing, and are one of the primary causes of failure on kite leading edges. Bladders are simply installed though the large high capacity valve hole. Every aspect of our Speed Inflation System has been fine tuned over the years to be low profile, reduce drag, and above all to ensure that you spend less time on the beach and more time on the water.

Sherpa Tech Kite Bag - The Sherpa Kite Bag comes standard with all A-Series kites. We’ve all been there, draping multiple kite bags, pumps and boards over every appendage of our bodies. Fumbling our way through rugged terrain in search of that perfect wave or glassy flat. The Sherpa system makes it easy to connect and stack an unlimited numbers of kite bags off your back or chest for a perfectly balanced hike in and out. Free up your hands and arms for effortless climbing. In seconds, stash your board and pump away. Designed for riders who search for the ultimate ride, it’s never been easier to find out what’s around the next headland. To make things even easier the Super-Lite Kite Bag is color coded via strategically placed color coded size labels. Aligned to match wind strength colors used by leading web-based wind forecast websites, with a quick glance you’ll know if you’re grabbing a 17m or 9.5m.

2023 Ocean Rodeo Flite A-Series 3S Colors
2023 Ocean Rodeo FLite A-Series ALUUA 3S Colors

2023 Ocean Rodeo Flite A-Series 3S ALUUA Kite Sizes
*wind range for reference, subject to rider weight, board type, rider skill, etc.. 
- 12M : 8 - 23 knts 
- 14.5M : 5 - 18 knts 
- 17M : 4 - 15 knts
Ocean Rodeo FLite A-Series ALUUA Wind Range and Kite Weight Specifications

Click Image below to be taken to the 2023 Ocean Rodeo Flite A-Series ALUUA Product Detail Page from Ocean Rodeo:
2023 Ocean Rodeo FLite A-Series 3S Detail View

Click Here For Additional 2023 Ocean Rodeo Flite A-Series ALUUA Kite Info, Pics, & Videos from Ocean Rodeo 

Ocean Rodeo Flite A-Series ALUUA Kitesurfing Kite Reviews:
**Click Ocean Rodeo Flite A-Series ALUUA Kite Review Images or Links below to be taken to full detailed unbiased reviews: 

Ocean Rodeo FLite A-Series ALUUA Kite Review Kiteworld

TEST REVIEW - KiteWorld Magazine - Ocean Rodel Flite A-Series ALUUA 14M Kite Review 

2023 Ocean Rodeo Flite A-Series ALUUA Kite Pics 3S :
2023 Ocean Rodeo Flite A-Series ALUUA 3S Main Detail View 

2023 Ocean Rodeo Flight A-Series ALUUA 3S Surf Action 

2023 Ocean Rodeo Flight A-Series ALUUA 3S In Flight 

2023 Ocean Rodeo Flite A-Series ALUUA 3S Action Ride In Light Wind 

Ocean Rodeo Pilot 2.0 Control Bar: 
**Control Bar Set Sold Separately, select Control Bar options above at top of listing page 
(Click Pic to enlarge and view details)
Ocean Rodeo Pilot 2.0 Control Bar 

*Optional Item (Control Bar and Lines Not Included in std Kite Only Package Configuration)
Ocean Rodeo Pilot 2.0 Control Bar Set 

Ocean Rodeo Pilot 2.0 Control Bar Overview
- Totally redesigned, the Pilot bar is a culmination of 20 years frontline trim design experience. Ocean Rodeo went all out and refined every component to deliver the cleanest, easiest to use frontline trim bar to date.

- The redesigned control stick features a smaller 23mm diameter grip turning the Pilot into a precision instrument. All center lines encased in a protective heavy duty PU Tube. Featuring a generous 53.5 cm of sheeting range, the newly designed cleat and trim line handle are still within easy reach.

- The refined bar floats feature a streamline shape that incorporates full retract bar-end bungees for easy line storage.
The Pilot has been upgraded with German made Liros DC 401 Ultra HD flying lines.
- ISO certified, the Pilot is outfitted with the all new Gen 9 Punch Out Trim Loop and leash system.

- Bar Length: 46cm and 52cm
Lines: 22m (19m + 3m) Liros DC 401

Ocean Rodeo Stick Shift 3.0 Control Bar: 
**Control Bar Set Sold Separately, select Control Bar options above at top of listing page 
(Click Pic to enlarge and view details)
Ocean Rodeo Stick Shift 3.0 Control Bar 

*Optional Item (Control Bar and Lines Not Included in std Kite Only Package Configuration)
Ocean Rodeo Stick Shift 3.0 Control Bar Set 

Ocean Rodeo Stick Shift 3.0 Control Bar Overview
- Backline trim’s new standard, Ocean Rodeo's iconic Shift bar is suitable for all riding styles, and is particularly popular amongst wave riders and freeriders. Entering its 4th year in production, and fast becoming the future standard of kite control, the Shift has a backline trim that provides reliable and seamless power adjustment, all within easy reach, and without having to take your eyes off the water.

- Further new refinements include a reduced diameter grip, resulting in a more direct and tactile feel between the kite and bar. The diamond grip texture has also been refined, making it less aggressive on the hands while still delivering exceptional grip for all riding styles and in varying environmental temperatures.

- Other new features include crank stops at the tips of both bar floats, and further refined gearing in the pawl winder assembly for precision trim control every time.

- The Shift outfits with the new Gen 9 Punch Out Trim Loop and freeride Leash. ISO 21853 compliant, the new trim loop and leash are loaded with exciting new features to enhance your ride while delivering reliable release and depower flag out.

- Bar Length: 52 cm, Line Length: 22 m

Ocean Rodeo Big Pump: 
*Optional Item - Pump Sold Separately, select pump options above at top of listing page 
(Click Pic to enlarge)
Ocean Rodeo Big Pump XL Kite Pump

Ocean Rodeo Big Pump Overview
- Smooth Action, High Flow, With a massive 2.9L chamber and high volume double action valve the all new Ocean Rodeo Big Pump will get you pumped up and on the water in a hurry.

- Featuring an extra tall body with high air flow piston, anti sand seals and intake filter, convertible single action valve for double the PSI, a reliable pressure gauge and 3 attachment fittings the Big Pump is ready to work with any kite on the market.

2023 Ocean Rodeo Flite A-Series 3S ALUUA Kitesurfing Kite Videos 
(click videos below to view): 

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2023 Ocean Rodeo Flite A-Series ALUUA Kitesurfing Kite from WindBone Kite Surf Paddle & Hobby
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