Prism Mentor 2.5 Water Relaunch Trainer Kite + Bonus
Prism Mentor 2.5 Water Relaunch Trainer Kite + Bonus

Prism Mentor 2.5 Water Relaunch Trainer Kite + Bonus

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Prism Mentor 2.5 Water Relaunchable Power Kite from Prism Kite Technology 

Prism Kites presents the all new Prism Mentor 2.5 (Latest Prism Mentor Model Version) - Prism Mentor 2.5 (2.5M) Auto Water Relaunchable Power Kite for Kitesurfing / Training, Kiteboarding, Snowkiting, Landboarding, ATB Mountainboarding, and/or General Power Kiting Fun. 

The Prism Mentor 2.5 is an amazing Water Power Foil Kite that can be used / relaunched in water, revolutionary closed cell foil kite design has become the standard in water use trainer kites, and Prism Kites takes it to the next level with the Prism Mentor - backed by many years of experience, testing, and refinements from the kite experts at Prism Kite Technology

The Prism Mentor 2.5 - perfect for kitesurfing training with body dragging in the water and the ultimate learning experience - and once the training is done, can continue to be used for more fun on land and in the water with anything from stand up paddle boards (SUP), Mountain ATB Landboards, canoes / kayaks, inner tubes, and more.

Ultra High Quality 3 Line Water Trainer Kite with 3rd Line Effortless Re-Launch and Safety Leash System. The Prism Kites Technology Prism Mentor 2.5 Water Trainer Kite - perfect trainer kite for kitesurfing and/or general power kite fun and training, as well as offering some serious fun and power on the water and off.

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New revolutionary offering in fully functional water relaunchable foil power kiting - real world 'in the water' use ideal for training and traction power kiting  - The Prism Kites Prism Mentor 2.5 (2.5M) Water Re-launchable Power Kite and Water Trainer Kite.

WindBone Kite Surf Paddle & Hobby is an actual Kite, Kiteboarding, SUP, & Hobby Shop based in NJ. We physically stock the Prism Mentor Water Power Kites and are an Authorized Prism Kites Dealer Shop. This means that you are guaranteed to receive your item in OEM factory authorized authentic condition with full factory warranty support where applicable, always worry free, plus you are purchasing from a real shop with actual expertise on the Prism Mentor Power Kites and ready to help with any questions or support.

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Prism Kites, a USA based company, offers ultra premium top quality materials and construction resulting in unsurpassed performance and durability (quality/durability you will not find in a low cost foil kite "knock off") -The Prism Mentor 2.5 3-Line Water Trainer Kite is one of the industry's top performing Water Relaunchable 3rd Line foil trainer kite, offering a truly amazing, fun, versatile, and effective training tool.

Closed Cell Foil Construction of the Prism Mentor 2.5 Water Trainer Kite allows for water relaunch and use over water - unique one-way baffle valve system on leading edge allows wind / air in, and then closes and seals air in from wind back pressure, this closed cell construction allows holding of air to maintain structure / float to relaunch in / over water (water re-launch performance subject to wind strength and quality, pilot skill, etc.).

The third (brake/leash) line configuration offers total control, safety, and effortless relaunch (pretty much just pull on the third line and relaunch is achieved, and/or release bar to the leash/third line and power is eliminated) -The Prism Kites Prism Mentor 2.5 Water Trainer Kite also comes with a detailed product/instruction manual, covering everything you need to know to get flying safely.

The Prism Mentor 2.5 provides unmatched quality, performance, and durability - with amazing levels of performance and fun.

The Prism Mentor 2.5 is the latest generation of water relaunchable trainer power kites, evolving from conventional open cell foils, paving the way for kite use on the water. 

The Closed Cell Technology allows reliable water relaunches and makes the Prism Mentor 2.5 is the most versatile trainer kite for practicing either on land or in the water. The Prism Mentor 2.5 Water Trainer Kite allows novices to concentrate on the essentials. An all new revolutionary internal closed cell structure provides maximum durability in hard training sessions. The third line provides an effective safety system and allows easy landing and reverse relaunching.

Prism Mentor 2.5 Water Trainer Kite Features:

  • Incredibly smooth, forgiving, and stable flying characteristics
  • Ultra durable premium construction and materials with reinforced profiles and sewn bridle
  • Enhanced Bridle for more strength and Less Drag
  • Flying lines already attached to the kite
  • Effortless & Easy Relaunch - simply tug on one line after a crash to rebound
  • Includes 3rd Line Safety Wrist Leash System
  • Trailing Edge Valve to easily remove sand, debris, or water
  • Kite comes complete with Carry Bag, Anchor Stake, and Manual - Ready To Fly


WindBone Prism Mentor 2.5 Water Trainer kite Package Comes Complete With:
- Prism Mentor 2.5, 2.5 Meter 3 Line Trainer Kite (New latest model version) 

- Prism Mentor Control Bar and Complete Line Set 

- Prism Mentor 3rd/Center Line Safety/Brake/Relaunch System (Wrist Leash)

- Prism Mentor Storage Bag w/ Shoulder Strap

- Prism Mentor Kite Anchor Stake Accessory

- Prism Mentor Detailed Manual/Instruction

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+ Plus FREE "WindBone Goodie Bag" -Includes mixed WBK items such as Key Chain, Decal, Can Koozie..

- Ready-To-Fly

Prism Mentor 2.5 – Water relaunchable power kite with three-line bar control for land, snow or water.

What can you do with the power of the wind? The Prism Mentor 2.5 delivers high performance power that’s easy to control and incredibly versatile. Pilot a kite buggy, a land board, a SUP paddleboard, or just lay tracks on the beach with the soles of your feet. It’s a great intro to traction kiting without the complexity and expense of four line control. With one-way air inlet valves and leading edge profile supports the wing maintains its internal pressure and 3D shape for smooth, forgiving control even in light or gusty winds.

Three-line control lets you instantly put the Prism Mentor 2.5 in reverse and back off the ground or water for easy relaunch without a helper. If you crash on water the kite will happily float while you recover. That means you can fly safely on narrow beaches where your wind window is over the water, or jump in and play with body dragging, SUP paddleboarding, or all kinds of other wet fun. The third line with quick-release leash also provides a simple and effective safety system - just let go of the bar to instantly de-power if things get out of hand.

The Prism Mentor 2.5 Comes ready to fly with everything you need (except wind): low-stretch Dyneema lines, control bar and safety system, easy-to-pack compression bag, even a stainless ground stake to secure the rig when you need a break. Beautifully crafted by the kite experts at Prism Designs. With 25 years in flight, Prism is committed to sharing the joy of kites with exquisitely designed, long-lasting products and all the info and support you need to have a blast in the wind.

Prism Mentor 2.5 Water Trainer Kite        

Crowded beaches and no space for kiting? Launch the Prism Mentor 2.5 and head off into the water! The Prism Mentor 2.5 is a unique trainer kite designed to re-launch in the water. The revolutionary closed-cell technology makes relaunching and landing on the water safe and easy. A one-way closed cell valve system effectively prevents water from entering the kite. The Prism Mentor 2.5 Kite works equality well on land and water and generates enough power to pull you through the water during your first body drags. The 3rd line safety system quickly lands the kite if you ever feel overpowered, so you can focus on learning techniques and new experiences.

Prism Mentor 2.5 Water Trainer Kite Feature Highlights:
  • water relaunch performance
  • ready to fly out of the bag - lines are already attached
  • easy to relaunch with third line system
  • premium materials and construction
  • safety system included
  • Control Bar with lines included
  • Kite Anchor Stake included
  • Trainer Kite Guide

  • Prism Mentor 2.5 Specifications:
  • Size/Model: 2.5
  • Sail Area (m²/sqm): 2.5
  • Wing Span: 105in (268cm)
  • Wind Range: 4-25mph; 6-40km/h
  • Dyneema 3 Line Set (incl.): 300lb(2)/150lb(1) x 23m
  • Control Option: 3-Line Control Bar
  • Color: Yellow
  • Prism Mentor 2.5 Trainer Kite Color Yellow

    See/Click Prism Mentor 2.5 Water Trainer Kite Videos below for demonstration & Detail on the Prism Mentor Kite:

    **Note: Video above shows HQ4 Hydra Kite Model used with SUP Board

    Prism Mentor 2.5 Water Trainer Kite


    Prism Mentor 2.5 Water Trainer Kite Water Action

    Prism Mentor 2.5 Water Trainer Kite Beach Flight

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    Prism Mentor 2.5 Water Trainer Kite from WindBone Kite Surf Paddle & Hobby
    your Prism Kites Specialists.
    WindBone Kite Surf Paddle & Hobby is an Authorized Prism Kites Dealer Shop.

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