Used 2013 RRD V5 Global Control Bar and Lines Set
Used 2013 RRD V5 Global Control Bar and Lines Set

Used 2013 RRD V5 Global Control Bar and Lines Set

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Used 2013 RRD V5 Global Control Bar and Lines Set - Standard Even 4-Line de-power control bar set compatible with most standard modern depower kitesurfing kites.

School bar set well used and has been in storage for some years, flying lines in great shape as mainly used with smaller kites in light winds for instructional purposes, bar set fully functional with lots of life left in bar set - sold as-is / as-pictured in asphalt grey background pics - also good for RRD Global Bar Set spare parts. *(bottom center of bar outer wrap a bit worn / "chewed up" from chicken loop contact wear - cosmetic issue can be fixed with grip tape, elastic line end keepers may be broken, stretched, or missing).

2013 RRD V5 Global Control Bar, Lines, & Leash Set

2013 RRD V5 Global Control Bar and Lines Set -the ultimate evolution in Performance, Safety, & Function.. 

The new RRD GLOBAL Bar V5 has been further enhanced and simplified building on the award winning 2012 V4 Global Bar System.

The new RRD Global Control Bar V5 has been further enhanced and simplified to make Kiteboarding easier, safer and longer lasting. RRD has refined the Global Bar System into the 2013 V5 version and has taken all unnecessary parts out and created a full lean and smart control bar that works seamlessly with water and sand. 

The 2012 RRD Global V4 control bar achieved top marks from a German KiteMag review (May 2012 issue, TEST on Bars), being noted as offeirng the easiest and safest release system to be opened under pressure, with sand and water. This is what matters -real world testing under real conditions, resulting in proven reliability, not just a fancy video releasing in perfect conditions.. This revolutionary proven release system from the V4 bar carries over into the V5 Version. Try the new RRD Global V5 Control Bar and the concept of reliable, effective, easy and safe use will be clear. 

RRD has further refined the swivel system below the Chicken loop de-power attachment, with the introduction of a special self lubricating plastic composite washer, avoiding front lines swivel or double de-power lines. 

Every detail has been reviewed and enhanced moving into the 2013 RRD V5 Global Control Bar. Evolving into a refined new V5 control bar, that is compatible with any 4-line kite, and ideal for anyone who is looking for the top of the line kitesurfing control bar in 2013. 
    The new RRD Global Control Bar V5 is composed of 5 main components:
    • 2 x New side dual density end-caps with soft ends, for easy line rolling and a new quick trim to adjust the bar length
    • 2 x narrower diameter carbon bar tubes to improve grop potential and reduce hand fatigue
    • 1 x middle aluminum cast and polished integrated piece for de[power rope movement.
Improvements to 2013 RRD Global Control Bar V5 
The 2013 RRD Global Control Bar V5 carries over all the best features of the 2012 V4 Global Control Bar, and is essentially the same great bar with a few refinements: The Center Line 'Y' Swivel Junction has been removed and replaced with a composite swivel washer system at chicken loop, Outside Line 'O-S' Safety Release Handles have been removed forcing use of the safer center-line safety release/leash system, center-line knot adjustment segment has been removed from bar side and moved to kite end to clean up & simplify the center line area at bar side.

Key Features of the 2013 RRD V5 Global Control Bar

The RRD Global Control Bar V5 posses a great innovation in terms of safety by keeping the de-power rope clean and protected. Both the depower rope and the safety line are running inside a dual chamber tube that hides these two basic lines. No more tangling around, it's all clean and safe! 

In order to avoid the problem of having the excess of the de-power trim rope hanging around, and possibly going to disturb you while kiting, RRD has added an elastic bungee inside the spectra rope on the RRD Global Control Bar V5 that allows you to reduce the excess rope and shorten it until 50% of the stretched length. Same functionality, no rope in your way! 

The RRD Global Control Bar V5 incorporates a proven flawlessly functional design for its molded chicken loop part. Ergonomically conceived, it is compact and complete with all features, clean and precise. Very easy to be released and remounted with one hand. 

At the heart of the RRD Global Control Bar V5 is an exclusive product developed and manufactured in Italy exclusively for RRD. These new revolutionary lines are made with: an inner uninterrupted unidirectional pure dyneema fibers, covered by a pure dyneema 30° woven fabrics. The combination of these two styles of weaving the fabrics allow to obtain an unmatched low stretch factor of the lines reduced by 85% compared to the classic flying lines. The Rigid Thread lines allow the kite to be faster in the turns, to quicker transfer the power of the kite to the board resulting in more response and better handling of the kite in any conditions. The reduced stretching factor of these lines will allow a perfect trim of your kite in the time without the need to re-adjust your front lines! No stretch, better kiteboarding! 
2013 RRD Global Control Bar V5 
    • 2013 RRD Global Control Bar V5 Complete
    • Ready to Ride

RRD Global Bar V5 Pics:
2013 RRD V5 Global Control Bar

RRD Global Control Bar V4/V3 Videos (click play button below to view video): 

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